Joy in the House: Songs of Praise Passion & Purpose- songbook&CD
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This book and CD combo includes the songbook and listening CD for "Joy In the House: Songs of Praise, Passion, and Purpose," created by Phil Barfoot, arranged for SATB and orchestrated by Dave Williamson. Listening CD includes stereo demonstrations for all eleven tracks.

When a worship-leading choir sings praises to the Lord with passion, energy, expression, and joy, something contagious happens and the congregation is able to enter into authentic praise and worship. Joy in the House captures this contagious spirit with songs of praise, passion, and purpose. This collection from Phil Barfoot continues his best-selling series of choral collections including You Are God Alone, House of Praise, High Praises, Rise Up and Praise Him, and The Anchor Holds. The unique quality of Phil's work comes from his constant communication with ministers of music in churches across America, finding and meeting the needs of their ministries in the collections he creates.

From the powerful praise moments of "Before the Rocks Cry Out," to the intimate worship moments of "Out of Ashes," to the timely message of "Heal Our Land," you'll find 11 fresh, new choir-friendly arrangements by Dave Williamson that will take your choir and congregation to a new level of Joy in the House!

TITLES: Good Thing; Before the Rocks Cry Out; Out of Ashes with And Can It Be?; Give It Away; Some Things Never Change with Grace Greater Than Our Sin; Orphans of God; Take Up Your Cross; I Already Knew; It's Alright; Thank You!; Heal Our Land

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Joy in the House: Songs of Praise Passion & Purpose- songbook&CD

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