Songbook with 230 Praise Songs, Choruses, and Children's Favorites Preschool Through Preteen songbook. This fantastic resource includes melody, lyrics, piano accompaniment and chord symbols for 230 songs. It's perfect for teachers, children's church and VBS workers, children's choir directors, parents, and grandparents – anyone who uses music with kids of any age will want this one-of-a-kind treasury! The songs are divided into age-group sections: early childhood, early elementary, and late elementary, as well as by topic, with a wide variety of general and seasonal themes. Songbook is wire-bound. Songs include: Abundawonderful Life, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Christmas Isn't Christmas, Creature Praise, The Family of God, God Gave Me Eyes, A Great Big God, Heart to Change the World, I Am a Promise, I Am Thankful to Be an American, O Be Careful, Song for Special Days, Soon and Very Soon, Teach Me Lord, We Are the Light, When We Talk to Him, Zaccheus, and many more.

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All the Best Songs for Kids - Lillenas songbook

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