Baptist Hymnal (Southern Baptist) - 2008 Piano Edition
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This hymnal contains songs that are in both the Baptist Hymnal and also the Worship Hymnal in one.

  • 674 hymns and worship songs found in Baptist Hymnal and The Worship Hymnal
  • SATB parts only - identical to Pew Editions
  • Includes responsive readings and indexes
  • Does not include chord symbols, intros, turnarounds, song endings
  • Arrangements may not match Orchestrations, Organ Edition/Collection CD-ROM
  • Printed on 8-1/2 x 11paper
  • Mylar-reinforced hole-punched with black binder

This hymnal is used mostly in Southern Baptist Churches.

  • Item #: bapt worship hymnal piano

Baptist Hymnal (Southern Baptist) - 2008 Piano Edition

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