Baptist Hymnal (Southern Baptist) - 2008 large print Pew Edition
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This pew edition of Baptist Hymnal includes all hymn titles and is available in large, easy-to-read type with a handsome, hardbound cover.

Baptist Hymnal provides a solid core of worship music for your ministry and congregation. With consultation from pastors, worship leaders, music ministers, and musicians, the music in this volume was carefully chosen for its solid theology, for its relevance to today's worshiper, and for its lasting nature in our ongoing response to Almighty God.

From the research identifying the most-used hymns and worship songs, to the recording process and typesetting of each printed page, modern technology has helped us create a set of print and digital resources completely integrated for your worship ministry.


  • 674 theologically sound hymns and worship songs
  • Ready-made medleys of hymns and worship songs on consecutive pages
  • Responsive readings spread throughout the book

This hymnal is used mostly in Southern Baptist Churches.

  • Item #: 2008 ed bapt hymnal lp

Baptist Hymnal (Southern Baptist) - 2008 large print Pew Edition

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