Emotions: Confront the Lies - Charles Stanley book
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God cares about how you feel--how you process the circumstances you face and how those experiences shape your understanding of the world around you. But even more important, the Father wants you to understand that He has given you the gift of emotions to help you connect meaningfully with others, find purpose and joy in life, and reflect His love to the world around you. 

Sadly, what often happens is that instead of benefitting us, our emotions control us. Rather than understanding that our feelings are a tool to enrich our lives, we are dominated by the negative thoughts they generate within us. Dr. Stanley deals kindly and compassionately with the five key emotions that wound us: fear, rejection, bitterness, guilt, and despair. He even shares personal experiences about how these emotions can take hold of us and make us feel helplessly trapped in their unyielding grip. 

In Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth, Dr. Charles Stanley explains how you can break free from the feelings that have taken you captive and regain the purpose for which God gave you emotions in the first place.

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Emotions: Confront the Lies - Charles Stanley book

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