Favorite Song of All - Brooklyn Tabernacle choral book
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This Choral Book is packed with a soulful variety of worship and praise songs focusing on thanksgiving to God for the Body of Christ universally. With songs like Hevenu Shalom Alechem, Field of Souls, and Use Me, Favorite Song of All is a celebration of the believers desire to fulfill Gods call to reach the masses. Surely, God is moving by His Spirit in all the earth and this album is a celebration of that fact.

Choral book includes full piano, choral arrangements and solo notation.

Songs Include

  1. Calvary Came Through
  2. Favorite Song Of All
  3. Field Of Souls
  4. Heaven Medley
  5. He'll Welcome Me
  6. How Long Has It Been?
  7. Order My Steps in Your Word
  8. Still I Will Trust You
  9. Use Me
  10. Jesus, We Crown You With Praise
  11. Hevenu Shalom Alechem
  12. God Is Moving by His Spirit

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Favorite Song of All - Brooklyn Tabernacle choral book

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