Great Big Praise for a Great Big God -Bk1-Younger Kids songbook
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117 praise songs, choruses, and children's favorites, all in one book for preschool through third grade. Songs are divided by topic for easy reference, and an alphabetical and topical index are also included. Many of the songs, which feature a variety of general and seasonal themes, also include motions and activities for children. Each song includes melody, lyrics, piano accompaniment, and chord symbols. Contents include: Abraham, Clapping, Friends Love One Another, God Gave Us a Special Book, God Made the Animals, Happy Hallelujah Christmas Song, He Has Made Me Glad, He Is the King of Kings, How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea?, I Am a "C", I'm So Wonderfully Made, Joy from Head to Toe, O How He Loves You and Me, Say to the Lord I Love You, Sing Hallelujah!, Three Wise Men, The Wiggle Song, and many more.

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Great Big Praise for a Great Big God -Bk1-Younger Kids songbook

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