How To Be Happy Wife Of An Unsaved Husband - Linda Davis book
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The Christian wife of an unsaved husband has a special ministry that no one else can fulfill. Linda Davis explains how to minister to your husband while living a rewarding life both spiritually and personally. Drawing from personal experience and biblical wisdom, she describes how you can be happy in spite of your circumstances, understand your husband's point of view, witness to your husband without saying a word, release your husband to God, and rely on God's perfect timing for your husband's salvation. This book will benefit any woman who desires a deeper spiritual life for both her husband and herself.

1. Don't Blame Yourself
2. Don't Blame God
3. Christ's Ambassador
4. Respecting Your Husband
5. How to Witness without a Word
6. His Point of View
7. Overcoming Persecution
8. Taming Temptation
9. The Keys of the Kingdom
10. The Secret Weapon
11. The Joy of Acceptance
12. Practicing Persistence
13. The Proverbs 31 Woman
14. Who's the Greatest?
15. True Submission
16. An Honorable Calling
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How To Be Happy Wife Of An Unsaved Husband - Linda Davis book

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