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Arranged and orchestrated by Russell Mauldin, this 40-minute evangelistic musical for Easter is created in the Ready To Sing tradition. With easy-to-sing, easy-to-learn arrangements, this Easter celebration brings together a perfect blend of classic hymns, inspirational favorites and worship songs from writers Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith, Travis Cottrell, David Moffit and Geron Davis. Like the Ready To Sing series itself, Jesus Saves delivers an Easter musical filled with the confidence that you've come to expect from the one-rehearsal-sing-ability made famous by the world's number-one selling church choir series, Ready To Sing.

Expand the horizons of your next Ready To Sing Easter presentation with the new, visually powerful DVD Accompaniment Track, or, use the Split-Track Accompaniment CD with Narrations written by Sue C. Smith. As always, this new Ready To Sing musical is perfect for smaller choirs with limited resources and for larger choirs with last-minute performance needs.  The CD tracks and songbooks have to be purchased separately.

Our prayer is that this Easter presentation will take the message of God's love to your church and community and change the lives of all who hear that Jesus Saves!

Songs include: Jesus Saves! Opener • Come and See • Prepare Ye the Way • We Remember • Trial and Execution • He Loved Us More with The Love of God • People Need the Lord with Room at the Cross for You • Jesus Saves! Finale

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Jesus Saves - Easter Split Track Accompaniment DVD w/.MOV Files

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