“The purpose of The Original African Heritage Study Bible is to interpret the Bible as it relates specifically to persons of African descent and thereby to foster an appreciation of the multiculturalism inherent in the Bible.” —from the Introduction

After selling over a million copies, The Original African Heritage Study Bible went out of print when its publisher closed its doors. Judson Press is pleased to announce it has secured the rights to once again publish this best-selling Bible.

The Original African Heritage Study Bible offers many unique features which reveal the African/Edenic contribution to Judaism and Christianity, including:

Highlighted verses about Africa and Biblical characters of African descent
48 pages of reference to African/Edenic persons, places and events
Art reproductions taken from the Mafa tribe collection of Cameroon, Africa
Full-color maps showing where important African/Edenic events and places mentioned in the Bible occurred in the Ancient World
101 favorite Bible verses from people of the African Diaspora
Specially selected articles by recognized Biblical scholars, including “Biblical Hermeneutics in Africentric Perspective” from J. Deotis Roberts’ book Africentric Christianity
Words and music to famous slave songs
Readers will also appreciate the large print format, critical introductions to each book of the Bible, and the words of Christ printed in red.

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KJV Original African Heritage Study Bible - Paperback

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