Lead Me, Guide Me Hymnal (2nd Edition) - Pew Edition - hardback 
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Eight years in the making, this second edition of GIA’s African American hymnal is an expanded and enhanced version of its predecessor:

  • The full breadth of African American church music that is suitable for Catholic worship, along with a broader mix of common Catholic repertoire
  • An extensive mix of music styles, including a representative selection of music from Africa and the Caribbean
  • Music notation that reflects the performance practices in African American church communities
  • A comprehensive array of ritual music
  • Lectionary psalms written by some of today’s finest African American composers

 For a list of songs that are in the hymnal, email us at christianmusicandbooks@yahoo.com

  • Item #: G-7000

Lead Me, Guide Me Hymnal (2nd Edition) - Pew Edition - hardback 

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