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The Apply the Word Study Bible brings you to an intimate understanding of the Bible's message, helps you think about it and apply it to your lives. People of all ages and walks of life will enjoy the fresh style of the feature articles, which are directed at helping you approach life with the mind of Christ. You will discover that the Bible is a very practical book, just what is needed to guide you through every day. Featuring the New King James Version, the best translation for Bible study, abundant sidebar articles and vibrant full-color design, the Apply the Word Study Bible is the perfect companion for everyday living. Features include: New King James Version, the best translation for study Hundreds of sidebar articles for seeing the relevance of Scripture for everyday living Insightful introductions to the books of the Bible Biographies of people during and since Bible times, examples of applying the Word of God to their lives Full-color page design provides a helpful and interesting visual encounter with Scripture Charts, tables and maps provide abundant Bible information Subject index as a helpful tool for Bible study Concordance for helpful reference Full-color maps to illustrate the Bible lands

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NKJV Apply The Word Study Bible - Lge Prt-Earth Brown Leatso Ind

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