Organ Music for the Church Pianist -for experienced pianist book
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Organ Music for the Church Pianist: Practical Service Music and Tips for the Emerging Organist  - Moderately Easy

This books helps experienced pianists to play moderately easy organ music.  This book is for the experienced church pianist not beginners.

A stunning collection of service music and helpful hints designed for one specific keyboardist: a pianist dragooned into playing that terrifying instrument known as-gasp!-an organ. Far from being a scary ordeal, however, this compilation is quite "userfriendly" for that particularly brave pianist. The first section of the book contains preludes, offertories and postludes that can be played quite comfortably by the manuals alone. The second section involves organ music with very rudimentary pedaling or easy pedals that correspond to the fifth finger of the pianist's left hand. The final section provides valuable tips and exercises to ease the transition from piano to organ with special attention given to what to do with your dangling feet! "Organ Music for the Church Pianist" is an essential resource for the transitioning keyboardist.


Song Titles: Celebration!, If Thou Art Near, My Heart Rejoices, Master Has Called Us The

Cross of Sorrow, Joyous Prelude A, To Walk In Faith, For All the Saints, Proclaim the News

All the Way My Savior Leads Me, Berceuse, Cold Night Quiet Night, Greatness of the Lord The, O Word of God Incarnate, Evensong, Softly and Tenderly, and Via Dolorosa

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Organ Music for the Church Pianist -for experienced pianist book

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