Race Religion & Racism V2 - Frederick Price book
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Race Religion & Racism V2: Perverting The Gospel To Subjugate A People - Frederick Price book

After the abolition of slavery the primary reason for racism against Blacks became more obvious – fear of interracial marriage. “When black people were first brought to this country as slaves, the lie was propagated that Blacks were inherently inferior – really just animals – and therefore needed to be segregated from Whites, particularly from white women,” Dr. Frederick K.C. Price writes in this second volume of Race, Religion & Racism. Authors such as Charles Carroll and Bible scholars Cyrus Ingerson Scofield and Finis Jennings Dake used the Bible to justify separation. But Dr. Price proves that neither color nor race matter with God. God’s only prohibition regarding marriage is whether a believer is joined with someone who is not a believer.

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Race Religion & Racism V2 - Frederick Price book

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